Betty Kiefer Elementary

About Our School

Our School Community

Many factors, such as how often a child attends school, moving frequently, and English language experience, influence school achievement.  Measuring these characteristics helps us understand our students' needs.

About Our Students

  • 0% Who participated in programs to learn English
  • 44% Who qualified for free or reduced-price lunch
  • 2% Who participated in gifted and talented programs
  • 9% Who received special education services
  • 95% Who attended daily


About Our Parents

  • 99% Who attended parent teacher conferences
  • 25% Who have volunteered their time

About Our Teachers

  • 100% Who are highly qualified teachers
  • Three are special education teachers

Our School Environment

  • Our goal is to provide a place for students to learn without distractions and concerns for safety.
  • We closely monitor activities on our campus and offer programs to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and substance abuse.
  • We collect, monitor, and report on crimes and substance abuse incidents on our campus and at school activities.